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Government Rules for Restaurants and Food Processors require:
  • Class A(1)
  • Smooth / Flat
  • Washable / Easily Cleanable
  • Durable

Our Forever Smooth Ceiling Tiles are the tiles you've been searching for.
Lead Time 2-5 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to install Forever Ceiling Tiles?
How do I cut the Ceiling Tiles?
How do I clean your ceiling tiles?
Can I install your tiles in high humidity areas, like an indoor pool?
What about damage from impacts, my kids poked a hole in our acoustical basement tile with a pool cue?
What about Ultra-Violet damage?
What is the light reflectance value for your ceiling tiles?
I need fire rated tiles, how well are your tiles rated?
What is your tile made of?
Do your tiles give off any odor or smell?
What cost benefit is there to using your tile over others?
What about IAQ (indoor air quality) and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome)?
What about cleaning my ceiling tiles?
What happens if water drips onto the ceiling panels?

What types of ceiling grid are available?
I already have metal grid and it is rusty. How do I fix that?

I need a Contractor, who do you recommend?
faq question

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