This elegant take on Icon Relief is an embossed tile with "crackle" printing simulating a marble like finish. Each box of 12 has has 3 different patterns which when randomly aligned in your ceiling avoids a repeated pattern look. All the standard amenities of our Icon Relief tile applies to the Shoreline as well. Engineered to last a life time with superior materials, these tiles will never sag or rot as they are engineered to be water and mildew resistant. 
  • Icon Relief style embossed with a "crackle" printing.
  • 3 patterns of each printing; 4 of each in a box
  • Rotating tiles during installation avoids repeat patterns
  • Same weight and characteristics as white or black Icon Relief (28 Lbs per box, 2.5 Lbs per tile) 

As with our regular White and Black Icon Relief, you will also enjoy these amenities with Shoreline:
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • Washable ( Just rinse with soap and water)
  • Sag Proof ( Due to moisture)
  • Mold, Bacteria & Mildew Resistant 
  • Impact Damage Resistant
  • UV Resistant & Recyclable
  • Class A & UL94
  • Fire Rated: Class A (1) Flame Index & Smoke Spread
  • Available sizes 2 x 2 only