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Government Rules for Restaurants and Food Processors require:
  • Class A(1)
  • Smooth / Flat
  • Washable / Easily Cleanable
  • Durable

Our Forever Smooth Ceiling Tiles are the tiles you've been searching for.
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How-To: Ceiling Tile Fan

Posted by Ryan on 11/12/2012 to How To Install
To start locate the connector plate on the back of the unit and open.

How-To: Deflector

Posted by Ryan on 11/12/2012 to How To Install
To install simply push up on the vent and slide the deflector up in between the grid and vent.

How-To: Installing Grid

Posted by Ryan on 11/11/2012 to How To Install
Here is a simple how-to on installing ceiling grid:

How-To: Grid Covers

Posted by Ryan on 11/9/2012 to How To Install
Here's a simple How-To on our Grid Covers which are very easy to install.

How-To: Diverters

Posted by Ryan on 11/5/2012 to How To Install
To install a side diverter simply place the lips into the grid directly over the vent in the direction you want to divert the air.

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 How-To: Ceiling Tile Fan
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