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Health Care and Hospitals

Medical Facilities specialize in maintaining sanitary and healthy conditions. Your basic fiber acoustical ceiling tile, which is in the majority of suspended ceiling systems, has become nothing but problems in maintaining these conditions. Being made primarily of paper product they very easily retain any moisture they come in contact with; whether from leaks, spills or even humidity. Once these tiles retain moisture they sag, they spot, and they become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold is a leading issue for poor indoor air quality and sick building syndrome.

How do you remove mold from a fiber tile? You can't! You can try covering it up with paint which only leads to more problems like chipping and flaking. You can get them "cleaned" but the mold is inside the tile as well as on the outside. Our ceiling tiles can never grow mold inside of them. They are completely impervious to water and can be easily cleaned with soap and water without ever causing damage to them.

Bacteria is another issue facing Hospitals and Medical Facilities today. There is a growing recognition that not only the operating rooms and the surgical equipment need a thorough cleaning. More attention is being made to insure every nook and cranny is clean. An acoustical tile cannot be cleaned by any traditional method and the numerous pits and pores in the tile (the very thing that makes it acoustical) attract dust and dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Our entire product line is completely washable without any fears of damage or causing any additional hazards.

The "traditional" ceiling tile is no longer the best investment for your facility. Not only does it contribute to health issues, but maintenance costs alone are enough reason to move to a better solution. Fiber tiles are prone to damage from many sources including humidity and simply being moved out of and into the grid to access the space above. Metal grid and fixtures (vents/returns) are susceptable to rust. Replacing them takes time, this makes the room unable to be used while workers are present and creates fiber debris just from handling the tiles. Your business cannot afford to waste money in this economy. When you manage your facility you have many areas to deal with. We have developed a ceiling system that removes the headaches associated with maintaining your ceiling. No more replacing tiles, no unsightly stains or sagging tiles. No rust, no mold, no mildew, and best of all, no problems.

You've been looking for a ceiling solution and you have found one. Eliminate not only the unsightly issues of mold, mildew and spotting tiles as well as replacement costs. Install a lasting solution that not only looks professional but has a lasting effect on improving health issues.