Forever Ceiling Tiles are engineered to be used in the widest variety of ceiling installations. They are all Class A for both Flame and Smoke - which is the minimum standard for indoor use. When used in commercial food preparation, such as in restaurant kitchens, there are additional requirements. For the FDA and the USDA they have documentation available online of which we link and have excerpts below. Our Forever Smooth Professional Ceiling Tiles were designed to meet all these requirements.

FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Food Code 2017 from Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 - Physical Facilities

Indoor Areas

6-101.11 Surface Characteristics.

  1. Except as specified in ¶ (B) of this section, materials for indoor floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces under conditions of normal use shall be:
    1. SMOOTH, durable, and EASILY CLEANABLE for areas where FOOD ESTABLISHMENT operations are conducted;
    2. Closely woven and EASILY CLEANABLE carpet for carpeted areas; and
    3. Nonabsorbent for areas subject to moisture such as FOOD preparation areas, walk-in refrigerators, WAREWASHING areas, toilet rooms, mobile FOOD ESTABLISHMENT SERVICING AREAS, and areas subject to flushing or spray cleaning methods.
    1. If graded to drain, a floor may be concrete, machine-laid asphalt, or dirt or gravel if it is covered with mats, removable platforms, duckboards, or other APPROVED materials that are effectively treated to control dust and mud; and
    2. Walls and ceilings may be constructed of a material that protects the interior from the weather and windblown dust and debris.


6-201.11 Floors, Walls, and Ceilings.

  1. Except as specified under § 6-201.14 and except for anti-slip floor coverings or applications that may be used for safety reasons, floors, floor coverings, walls, wall coverings, and ceilings shall be designed, constructed, and installed so they are SMOOTH and EASILY CLEANABLE.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations for USDA from Title 21; Chapter I; Subchapter B; Part 110; Subpart B - Buildings and Facilities

§110.20 Plant and grounds.
  1. Plant construction and design. Plant buildings and structures shall be suitable in size, construction, and design to facilitate maintenance and sanitary operations for food-manufacturing purposes. The plant and facilities shall:
    1. Be constructed in such a manner that floors, walls, and ceilings may be adequately cleaned and kept clean and kept in good repair; that drip or condensate from fixtures, ducts and pipes does not contaminate food, food-contact surfaces, or food-packaging materials; and that aisles or working spaces are provided between equipment and walls and are adequately unobstructed and of adequate width to permit employees to perform their duties and to protect against contaminating food or food-contact surfaces with clothing or personal contact.
    2. Provide adequate lighting in hand-washing areas, dressing and locker rooms, and toilet rooms and in all areas where food is examined, processed, or stored and where equipment or utensils are cleaned; and provide safety-type light bulbs, fixtures, skylights, or other glass suspended over exposed food in any step of preparation or otherwise protect against food contamination in case of glass breakage.
    3. Provide adequate ventilation or control equipment to minimize odors and vapors (including steam and noxious fumes) in areas where they may contaminate food; and locate and operate fans and other air-blowing equipment in a manner that minimizes the potential for contaminating food, food-packaging materials, and food-contact surfaces.

Forever Smooth Professional Ceiling Tiles

Our Forever Smooth ceiling panels are perfect for any commercial kitchen application, from restaurant kitchens to food processing and bottling plants. Highly durable and 100% waterproof, their smooth surface makes them easy to clean and easy to keep looking like new.

Available in 2x2 white, 2x4 white, 2x2 black and 2x4 black. While black is not restricted for use by the FDA or USDA, it may be that your local health department has a different requirement for color. This would also apply to our Printed Pro ceiling tiles as they are smooth but appear to look like standard acoustical panels.