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Ceiling Tiles in Restaurant Dining Rooms - Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing & Bottling Plants

The food industry has more than its share of specialized needs. From food preparation to dining areas, every area needs a reliable, professional appearing and maintenance free ceiling.

Years ago you would get a suspended ceiling and it was made with metal grid and fiber tiles; that was just what was available. The "Traditional" fiber tile and metal grid ceiling soon became the norm. But it became quite apparent that an alternative was needed. Metal grid rusted when exposed to any moisture and fiber tiles absorb water from any source; leaks, drips, spills and even humidity. At the minimum you end up with unsightly spotting and sagging tiles. At the worst, tiles collapse, you get mold, mildew and even bacteria can grow in and on them.

How do you fix this problem? Traditionally, you replace the tiles, you paint the grid. Over and over and over.

We developed a permanent solution to the expensive cycle of maintenance on these traditional suspended ceiling systems. Imagine a ceiling free from rust and ugly damaged tiles. Our uniquely engineered ceiling system, grid, grid covers, fans, vents, returns and panels, are waterproof, washable, fire rated, flame retardent, UL94 and mildew/mold resistent.

Our tiles are damage resistant. How many fiber tiles have you seen chipped or cracked just from a worker lifting it to work above the ceiling? Our ceilings perform extremely well in any humid environment and resist all moisture. They will never sag due to moisture or humidity. They will not stain or water spot.

You require the best investment for your facility and you need to choose the best.

Our Ceilings have been confidently installed in 10's of thousands of restaurants (kitchens, food prep areas & dining rooms) food processing & bottling plants across the United States.

A few of our satisfied customers:

Restaurants: Applebee's - Arby's - Burger King - Casa Ole' - Chili's' - Ci Ci's Pizza - Cold Stone Creamery - Dairy Queen - Denny's - Domino's Pizza -DUNKIN DONUTS - Fuddrucker's - HOULIHAN'S - Huddle House - IHOP - James Coney Island - KFC - Krispy Kreme - Luby’s Cafeteria - McDonald's - On The Border - Outback - PaPa John's Pizza - Planet Hollywood - Pizza Hut - Ponderosa Steak House - Popeye's Chichen - Sonic - Subway - Taco Bell - TGI Fridays

Food Processing Plants: Associated Brands - Backer's Potato Chips - Ben & Jerry's - Frito Lay - General Mills - Gerber Foods - Hormel Foods - JBS Swift - Kellogg - Kraft - National Food Corp. - Natures Value - Nestle - Pacific Coast Produce - Perdue Farms - Procter & Gamble - Seafood 2000 - South Seas Tuna - Sudbury Farms - Superior Cake Products, Inc - Won Ton Foods

Food Processing Plants: Brooklyn Bottling - Coke - Dr Pepper - Heineken - Oak Farms Dairy - Pepsi - 7 UP

Our ceilings are ideal for kitchens and food prep areas, Smooth, White, Washable, Mold Resistant, Bacteria Resistant. Never have to replace once installed. USDA, FDA & Health Departments (US) Complaint, CFIA (Canada) Compliant. We also have decorative ceilings for dining rooms/area.

Competition ceilings, either has to be replaced often or costs more and hard to work with.


I installed your ceiling tiles over a year ago and love them, easy to clean, so now I am getting your other ceiling products.
Burger King, Miami, FL

I love the diffusers! I want to get a couple more.
Dennis Edwards of Houlihan's Bridgewater

Everything's great, looks great no problems.
Jason Dawson of Domino's Pizza of Souderton

I am very satisfied with the vinyl tiles. I just redid another bathroom with them and will send you some pictures.
Rick Betts of Sonic

Thanks Jerry, the tiles are great; it looks good and cleans very well. Thanks for such a prompt delivery. I appreciated your good business ethic, stay behind your promises. Thanks again. I will definitely keep you in mind for my next order.
Ahmad German, South Asian Restaurant, Sacramento Ca

Tiles are great, plan to order more.
JBS Swift, Texas

Our Ceilings Consist of: Tiles, Grid or Grid Covers, Air vents, Air Returns, Deflectors, Diverters, Fans & Light Lens Covers. All are Washable, UL94, Waterproof, Rustproof, Sag Proof and Mold Resistant.

Products: Tiles Functional   -   800-518-9835

Ceiling Products
Accessories:   Grid,   Grid Covers,   AC Vents,   Air Returns   &   Ceiling Fans

WaterProof   -   Washable   -   sag proof due to humidity   -   Mold, bacteria and mildew resistant   -   Impact damage resistant

Fire Rated: class A flame & smoke; UL94 & flame retardant   -   UV resistant   -   Fiberglass free, lead free and asbestos free   -   Recyclable

2' x 2' x 15/16" ceiling tiles (12 per box, 29 lbs per box) - 2' x 4' x 3/16" ceiling tiles (10 per box, 54 lbs per box)