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Comparison of the top 5 Ceiling Tile Types:

FRP Vs PVC: PVC is fiberglass free, we have heard of some areas having problems with the fiberglass in the FRP panels. Both are washable, both are mold free and sag proof due to humidity.
Traditionally FRP costs more.

Vinyl Clad or Vinyl Coated Ceiling Tiles Vs PVC: Vinyl Clad only have a vinyl coating that after being washed can come off in time some as short as 6 months others may last as long as 3 years, PVC are pure vinyl so there is nothing to wash off or peel off so they are ok to wash a million times.
Price is a little higher on PVC but PVC is 100% waterproof where vinyl clad is not, PVC will not grow mold where vinyl clad will. In the long run you spend much, much more for Vinyl Clad.

Plastic Vs PVC: there are many forms of plastic out now and some are ok and others are to flimsy to use.
Our PVC are the most rigid because of the thickness of our tiles, meaning in time you will not have rips and tears in them due to them being as thin as a lot of the ones on the market today. Price is less to about the same for our PVC Vs any other PVC or plastic tiles on the market.

Tin or Metal Tiles Vs PVC: Tin or metal type tiles in bear form are cheaper by a little but are hard to work with will not last as long as PVC, PVC is easier to clean and maintain.
Over the long haul you spend much more for Tin or metal type tiles.

Acoustical Vs PVC: Acoustical ceiling tiles have a better acoustical value and that is it other than they are cheap. But you get what you pay for, a tile that will water spot, grow mold and make you and others sick. Warp due to humidity, hard to impossible to clean, they harbor bacteria so if someone comes in with a bug it more than likely will stay in the tile. They are easy to damage installing, working around them or just moving them.
Over all you save on the cost of Acoustical tiles but pay for it in so many other ways such as mold, bacteria the cost of replacing both for materials and labor. In the long run you save a lot with PVC over acoustical tiles.

Melt Away Vs PVC: Yes, you can hide your sprinklers above melt away tiles, but beyond that there is no comparison. Melt away are extremely light and if not clipped in correctly (which may even cause problems with fires) blow up with a door opening or updrafts of the smallest amount. They are basically Styrofoam and it does not take much to damage and they are hard to impossible to clean in place.

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