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  2'x2' Pro Series:
   Smooth White
   Smooth Black
   Stucco White
   Stucco Black
   Printed White
   Classic White

  2'x4' Pro Series:
   Smooth White
   Smooth Black
   Stucco White
   Stucco Black
   Printed White
   Classic White

  2'x2' Ultra (Tegular):
   Stucco Teg White
   Stucco Teg Black
   Contour Teg White

  2'x2' Designer Series:
   Drifts White
   Drifts Black
   Antique White
   Antique Black
   Icon Coffer White
   Icon Coffer Black
   Icon Relief White
   Icon Relief Black

   Ceiling Tile Samples

  Ceiling Grid:
   8' Mains
   2' Cross Tees
   8' Wall Brackets

  Ceiling Grid Covers:
   4' Mains
   2' Cross Tees
   4' Cross Tees
   4' Wall Brackets
   100 sq.ft. kits

   2'x2' AC Vents
   2'x2' Air Returns
   Air Diverters
   Air Deflectors

   LED Light Panel



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AC Deflectors & Diverters

Problem: Air Vents blow dirt and moisture on the tiles and grid making them look bad.

Solution: Our Deflector goes around the vent to prevent this from happening.

Air Deflectors direct the air flow from air vents down and away from the adjacent ceiling grid and ceiling tiles. This prevents them from being dirtied by any particulate matter that is being blown from the vent. If you have a metal grid system, this will also reduce rusting from moisture blown from the vents.

Since our deflectors are one hundred percent waterproof, they will never rust and they can be easily cleaned with soap and water keeping your ceiling looking spotless.

Air Diverters are used to restrict the airflow from a normal air vent from blowing in all directions; either from one side of the vent or diagonally across the vent.

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Corner Air Diverters
Corner Air Diverters
Our Regular Price: $25.99
On sale: $25.70 On Sale
Air Diverters
Air Diverters
Our Regular Price: $25.99
On sale: $25.70 On Sale
Ceiling Vent Deflectors
Ceiling Vent Deflectors
Our Regular Price: $29.99
On sale: $29.09 On Sale


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Just to recap; Our ceiling vent air diverters and air deflectors are made of durable ABS material. They will not ever rust, they do not chip, bend or sag. They are 100% waterproof, fire rated and UL94. They are easy to clean and there are no burns or sharp edges on this product to cut you. The perfect improvement to your HVAC needs. Protect your air vents and your suspended ceiling.

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